Educational models v.2.0

After the realization of the first version of the NLRS Educational Models, it quickly became apparent that this was not sufficient for the effective use of the models in a BIM educational Curriculum. For this reason, a follow-up process was started immediately under the name Education Models 2.0.

The most crucial challenge in this project was the complete redesign of the Education Models in the Dutch building system. The entire design has been redesigned, based on:

  • A complete NLRS-focused library with components
  • The broadest possible application of Dutch building methods, materialization, and dimensions
  • Dutch detailing of connections and architectural and installation solutions

In addition to the above, we extended the models so they can deal with more aspects. In the new models, for example, a parking garage has been added, but they have also been constructively calculated for manufacturability, design, and coordination errors from the original models as supplied by Autodesk.

This expert group consists of representatives of:

  • BAM Advies & Engineering
  • BimForce Projects B.V.
  • Dura Vermeer
  • Lucassen Bouwconstructies B.V.
  • ULC
  • Witas bvba