RS International Framework v.1.0

RS International Framework v. 1.0.1

The RS International Framework is a framework for further adoption and implementation of the Revit Standards by third parties. The framework supports international adoption, for example, for BERS, but it can also support national adoptions by parties such as the UOB. In both cases, the submitted documents are judged based on the RS International Framework v. 1.0.1.

The main objective of the RS International Framework is to establish the minimum principles for compliance with the principles of the Revit Standards while giving third parties maximum freedom in the elaboration of further supplementary agreements. The RS International Framework sets a foundation that guarantees a basic level of interoperability with as few limitations as possible.

The second goal of the RS International Framework is to develop an objective yardstick to which initiatives can be compared and mirrored. With the RS International Framework, everyone can immediately see the minimum required to speak of compliance with the Revit Standards, making it easier for third parties to comply with this.

This project is carried out by:

The RS International Framework v. 1.0.1 is carried out by the members of the Technical Committee.