Technical Committee

The Technical Committee manages our standards and guarantees the agreements made. It implements changes and improvements to the standard and guides the expert groups.

The Technical Committee consists of the following members:

Chairman: Emiel Ham, Dura Vermeer
Secretary: Martijn de Riet, BIMforce
Member: Mark Wiefferink, Lucassen bouwconstructies
Member: Sietze Pars, ULC
Member: Ron van Grinsven, BAM

The tasks of the Technical Committee:

  • Manage the standard
  • Make changes to the standard
  • Work out proposals
  • Test submitted proposals
  • Manage and supervise expert groups
  • International coordination
  • Version management, release versions

For questions (regarding the standard) to the Technical Committee send an e-mail to
Clearly describe your question or request and state your contact details so that the TC can contact you if necessary. For more information, refer to our "FAQ" page.