Supervisory board

The Revit Standards Foundation has a Supervisory Board, which is elected by the stakeholders. The members of the Supervisory Board come from the stakeholder group and represent individual branches from the construction sector. The Supervisory Board chooses, controls, and advises our board. 

Members take seating in the Supervisory Board for a maximum of three terms for two years at most. The Supervisory Board consists of a minimum of five and a maximum of ten members and consists of representatives from different disciplines.

The current Supervisory Board consists of:

Chairman: Martjan den Hoed, tekX

Vice-chairman: Melle Schoordijk, Engie

Secretary: Frans Nieman, Itannex

Board member: Frank Wolbertus, TBI


The Supervisory Board elects the chairman, the vice-chairman, and the secretary of the board. A company cannot have members in the Supervisory Board and the board at the same time (including subsidiaries, both horizontal and vertical).