NLRS v.3.0.1

NLRS v.3.0.1 

The main objective of the NLRS v.3.0.1 is to ensure a uniform management structure for the documentation of the NLRS, control of all different data sources and to correct possible deviations between different documents. In version 3.0.1, agreements and documentation are requested in a more orderly and usable way in both the Dutch and English language. 

In addition to improving and making the documentation accessible, there are also new developments within the NLRS, such as the Door Family Guide, the Educational Models 2.0, the inclusion of the data requirement from the BIM Basic ILS Design and Engineering and the International RS 1.0.1. These developments will of course also become an integral part of NLRS 3.0.1.

In januari 2020, the Technical Committee will publish the NLRS version 3.0.1. This version is an improvement of version 2.5.2. 

This project is carried out by:

The NLRS 3.0.1 is carried out by the members of the Technical Committee.