Basis ILS with NLRS

Basic ILS with NLRS

The BIM Basic ILS is a working method published by the BIM Loket in Delft. This working method, made by and for building contractors, offers a set of minimum required agreements for the effective and efficient exchange of digital building information. The Basic ILS has been developed as a software-independent working method based on the Open Standard IFC. For this reason, the Revit Standards Foundation has decided to develop a working method and manual for applying the Basic ILS as a delivery specification.

In this project, an expert group updated the manual to NLRS v. 3.0.1. Comments and questions from users are processed in the document, documentation and the template.

This expert group consists of representatives of:

  • BAM Advies & Engineering
  • BimForce Projects B.V.
  • Dura Vermeer
  • Lucassen Bouwconstructies B.V.
  • ULC
More information on BIM Basis ILS is to be found hier on the website of BIM Loket.