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  • mei 01 / 2017
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Revit Standards Foundation Documents

Foundation statutes

The Revit Standards Foundation is based upon a number of regulations en procedures which guarantee the longterm upholding of the Revit Standards and ensures the publication of regular updates. It also gives procedures in case a a request for change. It structures the governing body of the Foundation, to ensure its independent nature.

With the following link you can download these documents.

If there are any questions regarding the Revit Standards Foundation please contact us through secretary@revitstandards.org 

Revit Standards Foundation procedures

Revit Standards Foundation Statures

  • nov 08 / 2016
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Guide Exporting IFC from Revit using NL-RS

The Revit Standards Foundation is proud to have been part of the inaugural Building Content Summit(BCS) on 19th october in Porto this year. It was held pre Revit Technology Conference(RTC) Europe 2016. Many of the leading firms and stakeholders were present at the BCS. Our Chairman, Mark Wieringa was invited to be a rebuttalist and give the perspective of the Revit Standards Foundation on content. There was a lively debate about on what content should be based and which standards should be used. During the meeting the Revit Standards Foundation presented the attendees with the english version of our guide to produce a proper IFC export from Revit using the NL-RS which was created in collaboration with BuildingSmart Benelux.

The publication was in high demand during the following RTC and many attendees from throughout Europe were happy to obtain a copy. Since there were only a limited number of copies available at the conference we are proud to present the guide for download as PDF.

Download link Tutorial Revit IFC NLRS

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  • okt 06 / 2016
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Handleiding NLRS implementatie BIM ILS basisafspraken

Basis BIM Informatieleveringsspecificatie voor Revit naar IFC

De Revit Standards Foundation(RSF) is trots om in samenwerking met BuildingSMART Benelux een praktische invulling te geven aan de basis BIM informatieleveringsspecificatie (ILS) voor de Revitgebruiker. De Technische Commissie van de RSF heeft handleiding gemaakt voor de export vanuit Revit naar IFC op basis van de NL-RS. Deze handleiding welke is gecontroleerd door BuildingSMART Benelux.

De basis BIM informatieleveringsspecificatie (ILS) is opgesteld door veertien partijen in de bouw onder leiding van BuildingSMART Benelux waarbij de open BIM-standaarden IFC en NL-SfB worden toegepast. De afspraken hebben betrekking op het uitwisselformaat, de te hanteren basisstructuur en het borgen van objectinformatie. 


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  • feb 23 / 2016
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Lancering Revit Standards Foundation goed bezocht

Verslag lancering Revit Standards Foundation op 14 januari
Door: Mark Maas, secretaris van de Revit Standards Foundation en BIM manager bij Paul de Ruiter Architects

Op donderdag 14 januari vond de feestelijke lancering van de Revit Standards Foundation plaats in het bijzijn van zo’n 100 aanwezigen op de sfeervolle locatie van Inner Style te Maarssen. Formeel gezien deed de oprichting van de Revit Standards Foundation zich al voor op 11 september 2015. Sinds dat moment is er hard gewerkt aan het vormgeven van de stichting. Onder de gasten waren naast stakeholders, donateurs en geïnteresseerden uit de bouwwereld ook softwareontwikkelaars aanwezig. Allen wilden meer weten over deze kersverse stichting. Het was een boeiende bijeenkomt waarbij een sfeer van vernieuwing en samenwerking heerste. Hieronder een verslag van die middag.

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  • jan 11 / 2016
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New opportunities and challenges!

A new year has started, implying both new opportunities and challenges!

First of all, on behalf of the Technical Committee, we would like to wish you only the best for 2016. May this year be filled with exciting challenges and adventures, both in your personal as well as professional environment. Continue Reading

  • jan 07 / 2016
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Program Launch Revit Standards Foundation

The Revit Standards Foundation will officially be launched on the 14th of January 2016. We are pleases to present to you an interesting program about how and why we should be using Open Standards such as the Dutch Revit Standards. The line up of speakers will give you the perspective from the point of view of the Installation sector, Construction industry, Manufacturors and the BIM Loket (National Body).

Programme: 13:00 – 18:00

  • Welcome by Mark Wieringa, Chairman of the Revit Standards Foundation
  • Open Standards for the Installation Sector by Aart van Gelder UNETO-VNI
  • Revit Standards a short history by Jeroen Pat, Chairman of the RevitGG
  • Working with Open Standards by Jurjen Haitsma of Dura Vermeer
  • A manufacturers point of view by Philip Janssens of Victaulic
  • The need for Open Standards by Jacqueline Meerkerk of BIM Loket
  • Networking & drinks 17:00 – 18:00

This event is for invited guests, however if you have not been invited but are interested in attending this launch party please contact us. info@revitstandards.org

The board of the Revit Standards Foundation,

  • dec 18 / 2015
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Board of Directors:

Board of Directors:
Björn Kamphuis, Kuijpers (Secretary)
Gert-Jan Ditsel, Dura Vermeer (Vice chairman)
Jan van Sichem, Bimplan
Mark Maas, Mark Maas BIM adviseur (Vice secretary)
Mark Wieringa, RevitGG (Chairman)

Download: Revit Standards